Who We Are

Our Board of Directors


We believe we are saving lives and providing second chances – for the human and the dog.

We believe we are saving lives and providing second chances
– for the human and the dog.


Steve Corey (3rd from right) is the founder and Executive Directory of Victory Service Dogs and an Army veteran who served as an M88 operator and heavy equipment mechanic. He was also a local business owner for 13 years. His desire to help veterans in our community came through his many interactions with those who were struggling with PTSD and other chronic illnesses, and seeing their difficulties finding the services they need.


Adam Baker (not pictured) is the Victory Service Dogs Board President.


Scott Frazee (far left) is the board’s Second Vice President.


Sara Simon (not pictured) is our board Secretary.  She began volunteering with nonprofits while still in high school. She worked in telecommunications for 20 years, while continuing her volunteer work. After being laid off during the recession seven years ago, she took the opportunity to work in the nonprofit realm full time. She is currently the PR director for a local nonprofit, and does consulting work as well. Sara’s passion to “change the world” is evident in everything she does.

Andrew Chad Pearson (center rear) is our board Treasurer and is a Disabled and Honorably Retired Navy veteran with 24 years of service. In his tenure, he served at 8 commands, completed 7 deployments and received multiple awards. He is selfless in his actions as he has been advocate to the public as a volunteer for over 10 years and for his dedication he is the recipient of the Harry T. Jenkins award for community service. With VSD, he continues that service not only to the public but to the Heroes he calls brothers and sisters in arms. He envisions a world where Veterans are no longer a forgotten past but revered for being the heroes who have sacrificed their very lives for ours.  Navy Chief – Navy Pride!!


Joshua Emer (second from left, pictured with Hero) is one of our veteran clients who also volunteers with us helping to raise funds and contact other businesses for support.  He is a combat veteran who was medically retired as a 13F Forward Observer in 2016.  “I really want to stay connected with and help other veterans who are also struggling with PTSD.  I started volunteering at VSD because I saw the value it brought to veteran’s lives and that I could contribute greatly to its growth, thus helping more of my veteran brothers in need.  As I client of VSD, I see first hand how we are saving lives on a daily basis.”


Ruth Brunette-Means is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA) and has been training dogs since 2003.  In 2011, Ruth completed her masters degree in Social Work with a certificate in Animal Assisted Therapy.  Her passion for connecting canines and humans in meaningful ways and helping individuals experiencing symptoms of PTSD make working with Victory Service Dogs a good fit.


Heather Balle-Mason (not pictured) is our Canine Project Manager.


Charlie Clark (center front) is another volunteer with Victory Service Dogs.


David Pettigrew (second from right) is a veteran client who was medically retired from the Army in 2004 after losing his right leg in Iraq.  He contacted Victory Service Dogs in February after his pet Bean had died in December.  David wanted to find a service dog to assist him with mobility related tasks and he started volunteering with VSD as a way to help others like himself who could benefit from the client trained program.


Brian Gliba (far right with Zoe) is a medically retired Army Captain who did 2 tours in Iraq and was injured by an IED.  He recovered after over 40 procedures and weaning off over 36 medications and got his life back by starting a non profit to help other vets. “I’ve since turned over that organization to other warriors after the death of my service dog. It took more than a year and a half to get past the death of Zeus and thus started to volunteer again and now help out with several organization with my passion being with Victory Service Dogs. I help with photography and video services and operational consulting. “