Donate a Dog


If you would like to donate a service dog prospect to VSD, please read below and complete the form at the bottom. A VSD representative will contact you after your eligibility has been determined. Please answer honestly. Please note that Victory Service Dogs is NOT a dog rescue. We do not take owner-surrendered dogs. The dogs donated to our program are for use as service animals. Please contact your local humane society if you’re looking to rehome your family pet.

Victory Service Dogs Dog Donation Disclaimer
To ensure that dogs accepted into the Victory Service Dogs training program are of the highest quality, dogs that do not meet the VSD requirements will NOT be considered.

VSD Dog Donation Requirements

  • Dog must be 1 year old or younger
  • Recommended dogs include: Labrador, Golden Retriever, Poodle or Poodle Mix. Other breeds will be considered on a case-by case basis and after passing an assessment.
  • Dog must be AKC Registered and thoroughly health tested (all paperwork must be provided)
  • Hip & Elbows through PENNhip, OFA, or both
  • Eyes through CERF
  • Heart Certification through OFA

Dogs that will not be considered for our program:

  • dogs that are over the age of one
  • dogs that do not fit the breeds listed above
  • dogs that are overweight or obese
  • dogs that have had health issues in the past
  • dogs that show signs of aggression or have a history of aggressive behavior
  • dogs that show signs of negative reactivity

The best dogs usually show high intelligence, have a friendly disposition, a calm demeanor, and a strong work drive. All dogs are subject to Assessment and Temperament testing by a VSD trainer prior to being accepted into the VSD training program. ​


All dog donors must be willing to comply with the following:

  • Home and care for the dog at donor’s expense until the dog can be placed with a veteran.
  • Transport the dog to and from the facility for assessment and for veteran meet and greets to determine team compatibility.
  • Re-assume ownership of the dog if it does not bond with or does not meet the needs of the veteran that it is initially paired with.
  • Re-assume ownership of the dog if it washes/fails from the program and the veteran is unable to or does not want to keep the dog as a pet.
  • Attend classes with the dog to begin service dog training (age dependent).